OCREE holds weekly meetings on Thursdays at 8:30am at York Golf Club 7459 N. High Street, Columbus, OH 43235.  Guests are free for 1st meeting and are encouraged to join and capture the benefits of being an OCREE member.  You must be a member and licensed real estate agent to present properties.

OCREE sponsors an annual national marketing session usually in August.

Education classes are held throughout the year.

When presenting properties you should know the following about your client and property.  We will guide you through the presentation as needed.

  • What are your clients trading?
  • What is owner’s equity position?
  • How much is owed if anything?
  • Any other encumbrances or limitations?
  • What is the motivation and purpose of the client’s need to trade or sell?
  • What do they want for their trade – cash, another building, etc?
  • Do they have anything else they would package with it?